Monday, December 16, 2013

Tagging Gifts

 Hey there and welcome to another week of great holiday inspiration!  

Today I'm going to share with you two out of the ordinary gift tags I created.  I always like to wrap my gifts in unexpected items such as fabric, actual pattern tissue paper, burlap, comic paper, etc. I also like well embellished toppers, such as bows made of ribbon or fabric with florals, just florals/leaves, or even decorated paper bags. I think this makes it more exciting to find out what's inside, and it's very eye appealing.  Like a present before opening the present.

Let's get started with the supplies:

Pull out a couple of items you think you would like to incorporate, the more the merrier.  You will narrow it down during the process.

Here you will see I've colored the canvas tag with distress stain, then used a mask and molding paste for texture.

After thoroughly drying your tag, add ink droplets, then began to layer your embellishments.

After I've added the desired embellishments, I added a little gesso to the flowers as well as a bit of clear drying glue to adhere some diamond dust.  As you see I decided to go with another selection of flowers, as the first one I pulled was a tad too big. Continue to add texture using gesso or any of your favorite mediums.

This is the result of my tag.

As you see now atop a wrapped gift tucked using glue dots under a bow.  Both the ribbon used to create the bow and the tag will be reusable by the receiver.

My second tag fairly quick to create.  Sometimes you have to just do it...

I decided to mainly use various inks and one stamp to create this tag.  This tag is completed on the front as well as the back.  It really bother's me to have or use one sided tags, so I had to complete both sides.  This is a view of the back of my tag.

This is the front of my tag.  I first gave the tag a generous layer of gesso to give the ink something to hold on to instead of soaking through the fabric. I continued to add layers of texture by dripping diluted gesso, 4 different inks, two mask and one ink pen.

And finally, I added two leaf florals, ribbon and a pop dotted chipboard piece that includes a Christmas greeting.  To top of the tag, three jingle bells were added with thin ribbon.  

This tag was fun, quick and easy to complete.  Best of all I know my tags will be used again as bookmark.  I think it's so much better to create your own personal gift tags instead of using those little To and From tags that get ripped off with the wrapping paper and trashed before you can say Merry Christmas.

Come on...challenge yourself to create your own gift tags, the recipient will love you for it:-)


  1. Kisha!...these tags are truly gifts themselves!...I am a newby DT member for Linnie Blooms...and am sooooo excited to start creating along with you!

  2. Kisha, Both of your tags are just stunning! I love receiving a beautifully wrapped gift …your tags are keepsakes that will last long after the package has been opened!