Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Buckeye by Kelly Hoernig

And here is a link to watch the video:

A little bit about the inspiration and piece…

I wanted to use the Linnie Blooms large butterfly and house shape for this project. So I looked around at what could be found at the local craft store and saw this charming little paint bucket. Well, I knew this would work for whatever I wanted to do so I bought it. When I got it home, I started looking through my ephemera and found a stack of library cards. I like to let the book names inspire the art and sure enough there was a card for “the Buckeye State of Ohio”. I remembered that there was a butterfly called the buckeye so looked it up and saw the beautiful markings you see on the painted sample. We are lucky enough to have the real ones in our area and they really do look this beautiful! I wanted a map of Ohio but when searching on our Indiana map saw the Ohio state line and the Ohio river, close enough, right. So that was how I started putting this fun piece together. I do hope you enjoy the video and also find some great uses for the many wonderful shapes in the Linnie Blooms product line. Happy Shopping!

Creatively yours, Kelly Hoernig :D