Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chalkboard Clipboard!

Today I am super excited to do a guest design for the wonderful Linnie Blooms!  I love making gifts for my friends and family for the holidays!! I start now and usually, by December, I have something for everyone!! This is my first gift . . . although, I might just keep it because it looks adorable on my wall!!  

This clipboard project started out in Goodwill.  There was a stack of clipboards, that were .99 and since the color of the day was Green, they all turned out to be .50.  Steal!! (So I bought  a couple, thinking of teacher's gifts!!)
 I was thinking how popular the chalkboard art is right now . . . but wanted something a little more permanent.  Starting with black paint and gesso, and coated the front and back of the board!  I tried it out and you can use chalk on it and wipe it right off!! Yeah!

 Then I got out my Linnie Shapes.  They are so fun!! I thought these arrows would be cute to put on the side of the board, pointing in at the To-Do List!  These canvas shapes hold color so well! In these spray bottles, I have a mix of acrylic paint and water.  This way the spray is permanent! 

Look at the definition of the stencil . . . amazing!  I love the Linnie canvas for this reason!!

The chalkboard look is so cute, but I wanted the To-Do list and the numbers to stay put . . . and the actual list to able to change.  I took out my FAVORITE white pen and doodled onto the clipboard.  Using my Helmarr 450, the shapes glued down to the edge! 

 I tied some ribbon onto the clippy-part and it was done!!  So, teacher gift no more . . . I am keeping this clipboard on the wall in my art area!! It is so happy there!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by today!! Make sure you stop by my blog, for a few more pics of this project and more!!  Karen  (http://ijustneedmoreglue.blogspot.com/)

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