Saturday, October 12, 2013

Easy Holiday Gift Idea!

 This is a super easy project!! I plan to make a few of these for friends and family this year.  (Surprise, to all my family and friends that read this!)  This would be super easy to add a hanger on and hang it up as a holiday decoration!!  You could also give it as is, because it can stand on its own!! 

I started this project with a piece of scrap board.  
I cut a piece of paper out to fit and glued it down! 
I chose the Linnie Blooms big Heart for the center of the ornament.  I used my red gelato to color it bright red.  The gelato glides right onto the canvas shape! Love.  Then I cut the shape of an ornament out of holiday sheet music.  The sheet music was really bright and I didn't want the pattern of the ornament to fight with the pattern on the paper.  I mixed glazing medium with white gelato to make a white glaze for the ornament shape to dull down the music print.
When I looked at the paper on the wood piece, I realized it needed a little something to blend it onto the block.  So I took out this little sandpaper tool and sanded all around the edges.  I loved the results - it looks like it has been there for years!!  Just a little detail that was so easy but makes such a difference!

I put a thin layer of glue around the edge of the ornament and poured on the glitter!! Can't have a holiday ornament without sparkle!!

I glued everything onto the paper with Decou-page and Helmar 450.  Love that stuff!!

I picked out a little holiday saying and printed it out on my printer.  Then I sealed it down onto the project with multi-medium!

I added some wire and red ribbon . . .

Added some rub-ons and doodles . . .

And easy-peasy - adorable gift for someone on my Christmas list!!

I have SO enjoyed being a part of the Linnie Blooms first design team!! Seriously LOVE these canvas embellishment pieces!! Thank you so much for letting me design for you all! Check out the Linnie Blooms Pinterest Board and make sure to visit my blog for more fun projects and ideas for Linnie Bloom shapes!!

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  1. what a fabulous gift idea.. sweet and simple. So glad to see the heart used for a xmas idea.. beautiful project. Thanks for sharing how you made it to. Great post.