Sunday, November 24, 2013

Home Decor Holiday Pillows

Although Thanksgiving is in a few days, Christmas is totally on my mind.  So being that Christmas is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start creating a few special items to add to your holiday decor.

I've said year after year that I need to make or purchase holiday themed pillows.  This year I've gone full speed ahead with creating simple, quick, yet cute pillows to enhance my holiday decor.  Today, I will share with you a pictorial on how I created pillows using Linnie Blooms canvas Stocking shape.

Let's start with necessary supplies.  You will need either unused pillows or pillow fill (if you use pillow fill you will also need cotton fabric to use as a liner), Burlap or your choice of fabric, ruler or measuring tape, tailors chalk, thread, pins and your sewing machine.

First you will need to measure your pre-existing pillow or decide the dimension of what you would like the end result of your pillow to be. Cut your fabric to size (remember to include ample seam allowance to your original measurement)

Place your fabric with right sides together, pin and sew each seam leaving one side open to insert the pillow. If you are using pillow fill, leave only about a 1" opening.  Just enough to stuff your pillow casing.

Once you have sewn each edge, you want to cut the corners of the case.  Be sure to NOT cut into the stitching.  This will allow the corners of your pillow to have a smooth look.

Press the seams of the pillow case  Then flip the case right side out and fold over the opening edge and press.  This allows for even and smoother edges.

Then proceed to stuff your pillow or pillow fill into your casing.  

Now to the decorating part.  Gather a needle, thread, button and of course your Linnie Bloom canvas stocking shape.  I also cut a small piece of canvas to create a loop to hang the stocking.

Fold over the canvas into a loop, attach to the stocking along with the button and sew into place.  Now this will be a little thick so be sure you are using a good sturdy needle and thread.

I threaded twine through the loop of the stocking and adhered it all to the pillow using fabri-tac adhesive. I'm not concerned with having to wash the pillow, as it's only used seasonally.  Also, if need be, I will spot clean the pillow instead of washing it.

And there you have it, my simple to create yet rustic chic looking holiday pillow.  I hope this has inspired your creative juices to get starting on your holiday decor by implementing Linnie Blooms holiday canvas shapes.  

Happy Holidays!


  1. KISHA!! I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! And yes, I am writing in caps because that is how much I LOVE IT! Rustic, simple, just perfect!!! Thank you SO much for the idea!! I am TOTALLY copying your idea!!

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