Friday, November 29, 2013


by Kelly Hoernig for Linnie Blooms

I have been collecting Bingo cards for a couple of years now and thought it would make a nice background for a holiday piece. It is not expected but nice and sturdy, both of which I really like. I just purchased some old viewmaster disks and on a closer inspection found one for the “the Night Before Christmas” so knew it would be a perfect addition to the design. I worked with a nice variety of Linnie Blooms canvas shapes and tried to give each one its own personality just to be fun and different.

I used DecoArt Americana acrylics in Light French Blue, Light Avocado, Foliage Green, Terra Coral an
d Spicy Mustard to create this exact look. I pulled out my favorite stencils to add some flair to the background, the stocking and the heart. Some are subtle and some make a statement, you decide on what goes better with the look you want to achieve.

Because I wanted to add depth, I used fabri-tac and paper glued to the backside of the stocking. It makes it stand up just enough giving you the look of things being filled in it. I then used fabri-tac to hold all the elements to the background. For the disk I attached it to the bingo card with a brad.

Can’t wait to see what creative twist you put on this inspiration – hope you will share it when you are finished! Enjoy and Happy Holidays from me to you!!

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  1. WOWzers!...this is so awesome...lots of yummy layers!...I love incorporating the old with the new! <3