Saturday, November 30, 2013

Santa's Boots

Santa's Boot Ornament for Linnie Blooms by Linda Kinnaman:
I am enjoying my time working with these Linnie Blooms canvas shapes. They are so easy to work with! It took no time at all until I had a set of  cute ornaments. Plus, at the end of my post is a special discount code to use for a 10% discount and info on a Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale!
Linnie Blooms Stocking
Linnie Blooms Leaf Set
This time I experimented with the Stocking Shape, which is currently on sale for $1.49 ea.  on Linnie Blooms’ website. I also used 2 of the Fall Leaf Set leaves that looked a bit like holly leaves to me, and some of Linnie BloomsTextures.
Linnie Blooms Texture
I gathered my supplies: some craft paint in black, white and green, a small brush, a scrap of ribbon, some floral berries on wire, thread, needle and scissors.
Linnie Blooms Stocking and Leaf
First, I painted the canvas shapes with a quick coat of paint. I made a messy scallop for the cuff of the boot with the white paint. After they dried, I put them under a couple of books to flatten out as they started to curl after I painted them. Overnight was enough to take care of that.
I hand stiched some of the Textures along the cuff creating puckers and puffs as I went. I wasn’t too careful about it and let the textures find their own place. A few snips of ragged edges was all it took to clean them up.
Santa's Boots Ornaments
Next I poked a hole into the top of each leaf and the boot and placed the wired berries through to the back. A quick twist of the wire on the back secured these little berries. I stiched the ribbons onto the back for a hanger and that was all it took.
Pretty cute, aren’t they?!? Think how nice they would look on your tree, as a gift to someone special or as a package tag. You could write “To:” and “From:” on the back easily and maybe even include a nice note.

To purchase the canvas shapes, please go to the Linnie Blooms website link below and be sure to use the codeLB2013LK at check out and you will receive a 10% discount off your order!

Plus ~ Now through Cyber Monday, many items are 1/2 off!

Linnie Blooms Website ~
Hope you enjoyed my little project. Come back soon to see what else is on my workbench.
Until next time!
Linda Kinnaman
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