Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are you Ready for a Challenge?

Starting 11/7 we will be featuring a new Challenge for you!  It's a Mixed Stitch Media Revolution Challenge!  On the first Friday of every month we will share an Inspiration Image for you to use as your inspiration to create a Mixed Stitch Media Project.  You can create anything -- cards, canvases, altered 3D art, scrapbook layout -- ANYTHING!  The day we post the Inspiration Image we will also post our Design Team's projects based on the piece.  Then there will be a Linky thing that will allow you to get in on the act!  Get inspired and link us to your own version!  Get to meet new bloggers AND be entered to win FREE product every month!  The winner will be randomly chosen prior to the next month's new challenge piece.

I hope you will get in on the fun!  Be sure to follow our blog so that you don't miss a thing!  If you want to get a head start, go ahead and checkout our Design Team's bios and work by clicking on the Design Team page here.  See you next week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Our New Design Team

Thank you all for your applications to join our new Design Team!  I truly do appreciate it!  Congratulations to our new design team members:

Sheila Rumney
Casey Heimos
Holly Bray
Therese Hennessy
Joan Borgelt

We look forward to seeing your take on our Mixed Stitch Media Challenges!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Catching On!

As I scanned through my bloglovin reader this morning, I couldn't help noticing that almost daily now, someone will feature incorporating stitching in their cardmaking or art journal.  This makes me happy, but it also cracks me up.  I've literally been stitching with my artwork for YEARS!

(machine stitched ATC - circa 2010)

But, the second thing I notice is that these same people showing you how to incorporate stitching in your artwork, are instructing you to actually stitch.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love to stitch but let's be honest -- there are plenty of people that love the look but don't like or want to stitch.  THIS is exactly why I designed Linnie Blooms products!

(machine and hand-stitched)


This is the biggest advantage to you!  I saw one adorable sample on someone's blog today, and they were showing how to stitch on a square of loose muslin, and then actually stitch it onto their card front.  Although it was a cute card, I would have gotten it done in 1/2 the time using Linnie Bloom products.  First, the loose muslin she used I would have replaced with either my 5x5 Blank Canvas or my Canvas ATC or Luggage Tag.  Each of mine have recycled book paper sewn in between the canvas, so there is plenty of stability.  Secondly, because these already have a stitched perimeter you already start out with a stitched look.  
Linnie Blooms 5x5 blank - no-sew project
Linnie Blooms ATC - no-sew card

My last point is that instead of stitching your fabric to the card, you can simply use Aleene's Fabric Fusion to adhere the fabric to the cardstock.  I'm sure the non-stitchers are cheering right now!  LOL!

Linnie Blooms 5x11 Long Blank -- Complete no-sew project

Bottom line -- I'm thrilled to see more and more people getting on the Mixed Stitch Media bandwagon.  But when deciding to join in on the fun, please consider all of the advantages of using Linnie Blooms products.  You can buy them at your local scrapbook store, like, Polkadots and More.  If your LSS doesn't currently carry Linnie Blooms, tell them about us!  

Creatively yours,


Friday, October 3, 2014

New Design Team Call

If you are new to Linnie Blooms products -- WELCOME!  New or not, Linnie Blooms products are specifically designed to create MIXED STITCH MEDIA STYLE!  Are you wondering what that is?  It's a twist on mixed media by incorporating some stitching into your creations -- faux or real!

Today I'm announcing that I'm looking for Mixed Stitch Media designers to join my brand new Design Team.  Here is how it will work:

-You will be asked to participate in a monthly design challenge.  You will submit your project to me via email or Facebook private group.
-I will post the challenge inspiration on our blog, along with your creations for the month.
-The post will include a linky tool for others to get in on the fun and share their creations as well.
-The team term will be 3 months.
-Initially you will choose 2 Linnie Blooms products that will be shipped FREE to you.  In addition, you will receive a 40% discount to the Linnie Blooms online store so that you can choose your own products to work with either during your term or one-time after.

Sound like fun?  I think it will be.  If you would like to apply, the deadline for applications is 10/15/14 with the chosen designers announced 10/18/14.

To apply, send me an email to admin@LinnieBlooms.com including the following information:
1.  Your name and email address
2.  Your blog or website address
3.  Some sample photos of your best mixed media projects

That's it!  I hope you will consider joining us!  No prior design team experience is necessary.  However, you do need access to a computer, the ability to take clear, attractive photos, and a passion for sharing your artwork.

Creatively yours,