Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. My family and I are just getting home from a mini vacation and it's been crazy. I'm sure those of you who travel with children can understand! lol I made this canvas with quite a few Linnie Blooms shapes. 

 I painted the leaves and stamped on them for added texture.
 The sun shape was made out of a butterfly and 2 large leaves.
 The blue circles I used were also once butterflies.I used my fingernails to really fray the edges of the centers of the flowers. I stamped them too.
 I made the canvas sunflowers into daisies!
 It's always fun looking at things in a new way. If you have an idea...go with it! These shapes can be altered in a ton of ways to suite your creative needs. :) They also take paint and ink beautifully.
Stop by the Linnie Blooms store and see what you can make!

Thanks for stopping in and I apologize for posting late! Now I get to go do tons of laundry! I'd rather be playing with Linnie Blooms canvas shapes!
See ya soon! ~~Kimberly S.

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