Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet the Designers - Kelly Starsky

Being a mom to 4, wife to 1, dog-mom to 2, pediatric physical therapist, jewelry/bead artist, pathological picture-taker, Girl Scout troop leader, un-paid chauffeur, painter, chocolate chip cookie monster, Sunday school teacher, and one crafty chick means I am busy or crazy, (or maybe a little of both). Scrapbooking (and all of my artsy passions) let me bring all of these layers of my life together.  And then, I have a reason to escape to my craft dungeon too.
I describe my style as “a little bit of everything”.  Sometimes it might look flowery, sometimes vintage, sometimes shabby, sometimes full of layers, and sometimes clean and simple.  It often includes LOTS of photos.  Oh, and I have a passion for purple (ever since I was 7 and I had a purple shag rug and posters of Shaun Cassidy and the Fonz on my wall).
You can see my artsy escapades at my blog, She’s the Crafty Neighbor,

The Linnie Shape Flower is colored with Distressed Stains.  The Linnie Shapes Butterfly is colored with Distressed Stains and outlined with Copic marker.

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