Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet the Designers - Baerbel Born

Hi! My name is Baerbel Born. It's a typical german name, and thats because I am german, living near Cologne. Three husbands so far, one kid from each, first grandchild is on its way. I studied arts and grafics in the 80s, ran a stamp shop in the late 90s and retired from arts and crafts 2003. But guess what? You never can retire from creating! Once a crafter, always a crafter. So I came back even now and then and 2013 is my year of arts! I totally love recycling and using uncommon materials and techniques. Combining all my hobbies (sewing, painting, stamping) is a must. Recently I had the opportunity to visit a paint manufacturer...I have been in heaven! The smell of acrylics, glue and canvas has been so wonderful! I wish I could jump into that giant paint tub and take a bath. I don't have a style, because I love them all: shabby and clean, simple and complicate. I see beauty everywhere, and cannot decide to leave any of it behind. I hope I have ideas you find inspiring and useful. Big hugs, Baerbel

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