Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meet the Designers - Karen Crossen

I am thrilled to be a guest designer for Linnie Blooms!! I am a full time mom, chauffeur, referee and short order cook for my 3 busy girls and my wonderful husband!  We live just outside of Atlanta and love it down here in the south!
I like to garden, play tennis and ice skate but . . . I LOVE mixed media art!! I never thought that I could be any good at art, because in school, I was never good in traditional art class. If somebody had just told me there was more to art than straight lines and realistic looking drawing, I might have done much better!! Now there isn't a day that I don't have paint or glue on my fingers and I have found my passion! So now I always tell people to jump in, put your fingers in the paint and play because you never know what might happen!

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