Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paris in the Spring

Hi Everyone,

Don't you love the ideas that keep coming from Linnie Blooms: Here's the latest from Me-Trish.... I have dreamt of going to Paris in the spring forever,  I've dreamt about looking out the window and seeing beautiful colors of flowers everywhere and in the middle the Eiffel Tower. 

I used the Linnie Blooms mini pennants (set of five (5)). I painted each pennant with multiple colors. Pinks, Gold, Green, Blue and Yellow I mixed all colors while they were still wet. I stamped the letters P<A<R<I<S one on each pennant to spell PARIS  I outline the pennants in burnt umber.
Wrapped around the Eiffel Tower is Linnie Blooms Peach Trim, I also used it to hold the pennants  
So step out onto the balcony and look down at the beautiful colors


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