Thursday, September 12, 2013

Keepsake Book by Guest Designer Linda Kinnaman

I am pleased to be part of the Linnie Bloom Design Team for my Fly Tribe friend Linda Barutha of Linnie Blooms Shop and Create. A few months ago she invited several creative people to become part of a design team to help create projects and art work using her canvas blanks. Canvas blanks are shapes cut out of good quality canvas that can be treated with a host of artistic techniques and add wonderful touches to mixed media projects.
Little Brag Book cover
For my first project for the Linnie Blooms Design Team, I created a little keepsake book, better known as a “Brag Book” of my grand daughter Elliot. I began with 3 of the canvas blanks which are 2 squares of canvas sandwitched with book pages and sewn together. This makes for a wonderful surface to work on.
I used my set of Gelato color sticks, some rubber stamps, Stazon Ink and some vintage recipe cards to start off my little book. I wanted to keep the colors soft and warm. I used some vintage crewel yarn to tie everything together, literaly. I used it to sew on details, bind the pages together and as a decorative detail.
Little Brag Book ~ photo and stitched hand
I wanted to capture the nature of my grand daughter who is sweet, inventive and loving. I like to keep small things of her’s to remind me of when she was little. Children grow up so quickly, I felt it was important to keep a few of her tiny little things. Heartstrings and such…
Little Brag Book ~ lock of hair and sock
Working with Linnie Blooms canvas shapes is so easy and enjoyable! They look like you did a lot of sewing and details, and they are adaptable to just about any thing you want to work into them. Yes hand stitching is easy, but so is attaching things with glue, brads and staples. Colors can be addes with paints, inks, Gellato sticks. They can be the surface your work is made on or they can be part of the work itself. Truely versitile!
Little Brag Book ~ back cover
Come on over to Linnie Blooms on line shop, visit Linda at her brick and mortar shop while you are in Wisconsin and certainly come “LIKE” her Facebook page. I’ve included the links to her sites below for your convienience.
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