Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hydrangea ~ Linnie Bloom Design Idea

 I have been thinking about this piece for quite some time and it finally came together today. It is my latest design for Linnie Blooms using their canvas shape ~ small butterfly.

I started with one of my favorite color pallet purples and greens. After I covered my 8″ X 10″ canvas with sewing pattern tissue that I had drizzled with ink, I gave it a quick sketch of my flower and a light thin coat of white gesso. Before it dried, I wiped away some of the gesso so that the layer beneath would still show through.

I painted in the leaves, starting with a dark, transparent forest green and layered on a turquoise, moss green and bright yellow green to shape and form them a bit. The flower was dark purple and some of the white gesso mixed in here and there. I tried to keep it loose and free. A little of the darkest purple for line details around the leaves and blossom completed most of the painting portion of this piece.
background and leaves

To create the flower petals, I took the small butterfly canvas shapes and colored them with Gellato Paint Sticks in blues, greens, purple and pink. A light brushing with water softened the look of the petals and blended the colors together. After drying overnight, I scrunched them together and stitched the center points together as well as the folds that formed. I used a total of 13 small butterfly canvas shapes for this piece.

I arranged the petals in a pleasing arrangement on my work bench, then used hot glue to attach them to the canvas. After I removed any loose canvas and hot glue threads, I signed my piece. I think it turned out pretty well and would like to try a few more of these.
I saw some white hydrangeas yesterday that are turning brown with age. They were the prettiest shades of white, cream, touched with pink and a bit of brown. This sure would make a pretty pallet. I also would like to try more blues and purples as well as mostly pinks.
Hydrangea detail 1

Hydrangea detail 2
Hydrangea detail 3

I hope you enjoy my project! If you like this piece why not try one for yourself?
Visit my friend Linda Barutha’s online shop, Linnie Blooms and order some of these wonderful and easy to use canvas shapes.
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Linda Kay


  1. This is truly a master piece!!! BEAUTIFUL! I really looks like a hydrangea. You get a standing ovation from me.

  2. I agree with Teresa! It looks so life-like! Beautiful!