Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Flourish Pockets

Hi Linnie Bloom Fans! I am SO excited to be here to show you what I made with my flourish pockets this week!! These pockets are wonderful!!  I had so many different sketches done, it was hard to decide what to make. 

The Toys-R-Us catalog arrived in the mail the other day.  My girls took it out of the pile and smiled at me before delving into the pages, pens in hand . . . so I knew the Christmas fun had begun.  Inspired by those fun lists, I used these pockets to make a Santa's List board!!

I started off with some vintage Christmas images that I found on Pintrest and printed out! 

I painted the canvas brown to provide a darker background. 

I tore the papers up, wrinkled and distress inked them! Then I used matte medium and collaged (if that is a word) onto the canvas!


And then I started with the pockets!! I had so much fun stamping them, distressing them and gluing paper on them that I actually didn't even take pictures.  I completely forgot until they were done!

I hope you all enjoyed my Linnie Blooms Flourish Pockets Project!! I certainly love using Linnie Canvas Shapes!!
- Karen

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