Tuesday, January 28, 2014

shabby jar huggers by leeann pearce

Hello Linnie bloom fans!
Today is my first post ...and yes i have been busy in my space creating some shabby jar huggers!

Jars are on trend everywhere... I love them because of the many wonderful things we can do with them! 
anyway lets check out my shabby jar huggers.

Starting here - I used the 11" x 9" canvas blank and cut this into 3 strips. Now I don't measure everything  I eye ball everything. 
I am very much a random freestyler. 
So you just relax and go with it ok! 
- Unpick one end of the trim canvas.
 - Cut a small piece of elastic and loop in unpicked end.
- Machine stitch elastic in place and zigzag all the way round.

- Gather together assorted fabrics, hessian, lace and  ribbon  what every strips of fabrics that are lying around.
- Cut at random lengths and layer.

-  Layer assorted fabrics on base and machine stitch in place.

- Now simply finished off by layering  clusters of embellishments such as buttons, metal alphas/numbers, doilies,  linnie blooms canvas shapes and flowers.
- Finish off by hand stitching with embroidery thread for extra detail.

NOTE: Be sure to add a large button at the opposite end for elastic to loop onto.

 ...and here they all are shabby jar hugging.

Thanks for popping by and you can see more of my work at 

Leeann Pearce


  1. wowowowoweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!...these are so veryvery YUMMY!!!...thanks for sharing your inspiration.....I see some "cuffs" in my future ( wear them...then display them!) <3

  2. Fun way to use up tons of scrap laces, ribbons, trims and embellishments I have! Thanks for the great idea.

  3. Those are adorable!! I LOVE them - thank you so much for sharing your idea - I love your random creativity!

  4. These are so lovely, Leann! The stitching and layers are wonderful…love that you don't measure…it's way overrated! Your jar huggers are the perfect housewarming gift…fab!!

  5. Thanks so much girls...for your wonderful comments!

  6. What a wonderful & fresh idea.. they are beautiful.. what a great gift ! They are amazing.