Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birthday Bookmark

Today is my birthday, so I decided to create something that was just to make me happy ... a bookmark.
Yes, sometimes I still read a traditional book and need a bookmark to hold my spot.

I started with a blank from Linnie Blooms. This is actually two pieces of canvas sewed together with paper in between.

Then, I decided to try something different. I honestly did not think it would work, so I was ecstatic when it did.

I used an embossing folder and my Big Shot to create this unique texture on the canvas blank. Cool, eh?!

Then, I used the Copic Airbrush System to create a purple gradient.

Next, I used a Wendy Vecchi stencil and Dreamweaver's Glossy Black Embossing Paste to create the flower.

The small words are Tim Holtz rub ons. I also added a stamped word, some ribbon and floss. 

And I learned you can used all of these techniques to decorate a canvas project.

Thanks for visiting! 
Candy Spiegel


  1. Happy Birthday Candy!! I LOVE the embossing on the blank - in fact, I really just love the whole bookmark!!

  2. Happy birthday Candy and what a great effect that embossing turn out to be!

  3. Happy Belated birthday, Candy! January 4th is my younger sister's birthday, a very special day for sure! I love your bookmark and thanks for sharing that embossing tidbit too...great job. I love actual books partly because of the amazing bookmarks out there like this one!