Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Happy Tuesday from Scatter Joy with Jessann! I want to share with you a creation I made using some of the wonderful products from Linnie Blooms.  I am looking forward (and you should be also) to Linnie Blooms new catalog! 
Products from Linnie Blooms that can be used on the Home Sweet Home block :
 (you can click on the item for the link to Linnie Blooms website)
-wood block (can be purchased on Linnie Blooms on 8/25)
-"home" stamp (can be purchased on Linnie Blooms on 8/25)
The rest of the supplies came from my private stash and if you decide you want to create your own version you can use similar items or substitute for items in your own stash.
A brief overview of creating my Home Sweet Home Block.
The first thing I did was choose a stencil for the background effect.  I applied gesso over the stencil on the front of the block, the sides, top and bottom of the block.  Then I left it to dry.
Once the gesso had dried I used the archival blank ink to stamp the House onto the front of the block.  I used he archival ink to stamp the top if the house and roof onto paper and then adhered the paper to sturdy cardboard.  The stamp set is from Close to my Heart. Each of the windows ad bricks are separate so you can customize your house however you choose.  I then colored the house and adhered the top of the house to the block.
I used a wooden clothes pin and cut a strip of patterned paper to adhere to the top of the clothes pin. I glue the cloths pin to the block.
I use the "Home" stitched stamp with the archival ink onto a piece of linen.  Once the linen dried I adhered it to sturdy cardboard and clipped it into the clothes pin. I used the archival ink on the patterned paper to give it a weathered look. I also took the archival ink pad and went around the edges of the block.
I used a small star punch and punched several stars out of a sticky back cork board paper. I placed three stars on the left side of the block.  I used the wire to create a floating look to the three stars above the house. I twisted three wires together and adhered them to the back of the roof of the house. Then I stuck two stars together with the wire in the middle.  and slightly bent them.
Hope you love my Home Sweet Home!! Please check out my blog www.jessicalibasci.wordpress.com for more fun creations.