Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm back...........It's me Trish and I'm still alive!

Thank You, for  checking out my latest creation., It's from the Super Fun Linnie Bloom kits. Linnie Blooms keeps adding more and more items to their catalog- be sure to check them out.
The kit I'm using today is actually a key holder.  The kit contains a rectangle shape of wood, 9 canvas flowers, they are really cool they have a starburst edge, 3 hooks for keys and 3 buttons. You get all of this for an incredible price. I'm going to order another kit and do daisies and the words- He Loves Me!!!

Let me show you my project-From Beginning to end

 The kit comes packaged with the wood, individual packaging for the canvas flowers, buttons and hooks            
Picture shows-canvas flowers and block of wood (buttons and hooks not shown)
Let the decorating begin- I used Faber-Castell Gelatos to color the canvas flowers


that was so much fun to use. I dipped the gelatos into a drop of water and started coloring. I used different painter trowels to create different designs and textures . (you can pick up the trowels for under a $1.00 at home depot)
I kept changing the flowers around until I was happy this was the final decision

As for the block of wood I added Mud from Art Anthology and after waiting for it to dry and I took a palate knife and spread it over the block to cause a distress look -I finished it off with the word "BLOOMIE" 

Be sure to order your kit today- Don't forget YOU can make the flowers any color you want.
Send me a finished photo, I would love to post

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