Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Add Beauty to Your Desktop

hello and good morning.
 Mayoori here , sharing a paint brush stand ( you can use it for pens etc) that I made using canvas-treat-bag .and linnie bloom die cut flowerront

FRONT side

Back side

 I started with applying some Gesso to the canvas , leaving the sides so that some cnavas shows.

then applies some modelling paste using the stencil to give some texture
 then wit a brush applied distress strain and spraing some water let the color flow

Applied some very thin black acrylic color

for the flower 

then sew the flower from the center and pulled it to give some wrinkles to it. took another flower and applied purple stain to it. then finally hotglued both the flowers and  a button.

Then hot glued the shabby ribbon ( recycyled from an old sari) ,and finally did some stamping. 

Hope you will like it. thanks for stopping by. If inspired , do leave your comments.

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