Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Small tags make it special

I'm hosting a couple of events in the next few weeks and I wanted to create something that my friends could take home with them. Something to entice them to give Linnie Blooms Mixed Stitch Media products a try... and fall in love with them like I did too.

I came up with 2 Make-it, Take-it projects that I think will do the trick. This one is for a home party I am hosting this Saturday afternoon. A few good, close friends are coming to nosh on snacks and sip mulled red wine, try out some pretty jewelry and make these little tags. I call them "No house is too small" tags. The quote and inspiration came from a country craft item I bought years ago and have hanging in my kitchen window. It reminds me that my house is small on size, but big on love.

I made these little gems with tags I cut using my Cricut machine. A simple small thing that was just right. The quote "Where love is, no house is too small" was printed out on my computer in 2 different font sizes. The little cottage is actually a Linnie Blooms arrow from the shapes collection. The little house is well, a little house shape from that same collection. A bit of thin paint, Sharpie ultra fine markers and some washi tape and glue was all it took to put these sweet little tags together.

 I am really enjoying using the Sharpie markers and the fine details I can get. I've learned to start using the lightest shade of colors first, then I can enhance and darken any details I need without over doing it. It feels a little bit like doodling, but with fun colors.

There are lots of ways you can play with Linnie Blooms canvas shapes. You might like to try using some of the many acrylic craft paints that are available now. These and a few small brushes, and you could create a lot of delicate details in no time at all. But for me, the good old sharpie is my tool of choice. It is fun, portable and so easy to do.

The next event I am planning is with a decorative painting group I belong to. I have recently become a business member and that allows me to have a table to show my work, products I want to sell and ideas I want to share. I am excited about this new development in my creative arts business journey. It helps me to reach out in a whole new way with my painting friends. I just know they will love trying out a new product and finding ways to incorporate it into their art work.

I will be sharing these little owl tags with my painting friends. They turned out very well and I couldn't be happier with them either. The tags came from the dollar gauntlet at my local Michael's store. Brown chip board tags and some twine cord seemed like the perfect little Make-it, Take-it to enchant my friend. And WHO couldn't resist the ever popular owl?

I started by stamping a small leaf background stamp in an assortment of greens on the chip board. As you can see, I used quarter sections to cover the tag completely. Next I rubbed some more inks on a tiny little branch that I cut out of cardstock with my Cricut machine. I hand printed the word "Whoooo loves you? I do, that's who!" around the upper edge, and finished it with some of the twine cording.

I wanted to try a couple of different looks in my owls. I am enchanted with the Zentagle doodling that is so popular now, but I don't have enough practice in doing it well, so I decided to try a cartoonish motif. I looked at a lot of photos of owls on line before I settled on these two.  I really wanted the eyes to pop and look right at you.

I hope my Make-it, Take-it designs have inspired you too. It doesn't take much in supplies, time or know how to make something really great. Using these on gifts will really brighten up someone's day and let them know just how special they are to you too. So, come on and play and see what you can do.

Best wishes!
Linda Kay
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  1. Linda these adorable tags are sure to tug at the heartstrings of your guests! Adorable! I love your doodling and details.

  2. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....tags are my favorite go to crafty...you can never have too many taggys!...awesome job!

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