Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hold Your Notes in Place with this ADORABLE Recycled Mixed Media Magnet!

Linnie Blooms Mixed Media Magnet
By Gail Green


BASE: Using Mod Podge, attach small torn strips of tissue and/or decorative paper to the lid. Note: Make sure all surface areas are covered. Dry completely several hours or overnight.

DOG HOUSE: Apply Paprika glaze over small pocket; dry slightly.  Using brown, paint oval doorway as shown; dry completely. Use the marker to draw a line around doorway and define the roof and wood planks. Glue onto inside center of lid.

MIXED MEDIA COMPONENTS: Glue dog, netting, cork section and words as shown. Glue magnet to back of lid.


Linnie  Blooms
      Canvas Pockets

Plaid Enterprises
      Decorator Glaze® (Paprika, Bark Brown)
      Mod Podge®
      One Stroke® Donna Dewberry® Brushes (#8 and #12 Flat)

      Premier #05 Black Fine Line Marker

Beacon Adhesives
      Gem-Tac® Permanent Embellishing Glue
      Pop off metal lid from large juice bottle, applesauce or pasta sauce jar or other container
      Specialty button with shank removed or dog head created from polymer clay
      Scrap of green netting from potatoes or fruit packaging or Easter Grass
      Small craft cork stopper cut as shown
      Words of your choice cut from printed pages (old books, magazines, inkjet prints, etc)
      Scraps of colored tissue and/or decorative paper scraps
      Magnetic sheet or printed magnet, cut into circle ¼” smaller in diameter than the metal lid

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  1. Great way to show the versatility of the canvas shapes and how they can be interpreted in multiple ways!