Sunday, March 22, 2015

Something Faithful for Your Monday

I finally had a chance to play with Linnie Blooms newest product -- Canvas Script Words.  These are now for sale in the online shop and you get all three words for $3.99.

Aren't they pretty?  For an idea of their size, they are shown here on a 12x12 sheet of paper.  So these will work great on layouts, canvases and more!  Here is what I made with one of them:

I started with a 13x13 Linnie Blooms Canvas Pillow, filled it with a lining of wax paper to protect the back.  I then attached the burlap strip.  NOTE:  Do NOT color your word until it is affixed to your project.  Next, I colored three Linnie Blooms Canvas Sunflowers with a mixture of acrylic paint and water.  The back one is a shade of green, the middle is white and the top flower is blue.  I attached the flower group with my hot glue gun.  Next, I attached the words with the hot glue.  Once everything was in place I took a very small paintbrush and a mixture of acrylic blue paint and water to color the words.  TIP:  Use your heat gun to clean up any showing hot glue strands.  

That's it!  Super easy and a great way to add your own decor to your home!  

Have a GREAT Monday!

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