Friday, July 31, 2015

Garden Flag with Cloud Imagination

Hi Trish here and The Linnie Blooms Garden Flag too!

Today, I wanted to play and create something I did from my childhood and that was lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll bye creating beautiful different shapes. I always wanted a ladder to take me to the clouds so, I could play. My friends and I would scream out when we saw a shape we knew it was fun to use our imagination. Do kids still do that?  Any Hoo!  I still go out in the backyard and look up into those clouds to see what I can find (every once in a while I let out a scream-when I know what it is).

I had so much fun playing with the Linnie Bloom Canvas Garden Flag, So
 much space to cover, I just want to keep going and going. Today, I used Paint from Art Anthology, Texture from Ranger, Whipped Spackle from Faber Castell, Stencils from Stencil Girl and the Linnie Blooms Canvas Butterflies(I think the hanger is from 7Gypsies)

I LOVE the Linnie Blooms Canvas Butterflies, you receive 4 in a pack. They are very durable especial when you are pulling and bending and painting and they are not falling apart.
It was fun to let loose today, I feel extra happy, I have 22 hidden items in my clouds can you find them? 

Keep letting your imagination play
Happy Day

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