Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bracelets using canvas pieces

Hello everyone-

Today, I am here to show you a new way to use your canvas dies. I recently took an online class on how to make bracelets out of belts. Super duper fun, but one of my big things with taking a class is how to do I make this mine?  How can I show my style?

This is how:

I took the canvas piece and painted them white. Then took sharpies to decorate them. I glue them on with a fabric/leather glue. then riveted the ends just encase the ends wanted to come up. What else could you decorated canvas pieces in??? The possibilities are endless! Go be creative and make it your "own"! 

****Tip: 1- when decorating the canvas pieces I have found that using the fine tipped sharpie works best for details. 2- Make sure you seal the piece after you are done.****

Until next time-
Stay creative :)


  1. Oh. My. These are gorgeous. How very clever!

  2. These are just amazing, Kim! Unique, beautiful jewelry is so fun and such a conversation piece. I have a basket of old belts...I really need to try something like this.