Saturday, July 12, 2014


When  got my new Linnie Blooms stencils I got the idea to use them for a home decoration project. I had a old vintage pillow case lying around that was in a bit of bad shape. But since it was a heritage piece I didn´t want to trow it away. So I came up with the idea of using the stencils to create a embroidery pattern.

 I used the stencil to create my tree and then the fish/owl to sit underneath it. As you can see I have extended the branch so that it forms the base of the tree instead.

And here is my finished result.

As you can see on the closeup below I have made the owl by applying a felt owl.

Hope you get some new ideas on how to use the stencils/masks.



  1. Very Cute! This gives me some ideas!

  2. Lovely! What a fun way to dress up that pillow!

  3. What a wonderful way to repurpose your family keepsake! This is a fantastic way to recreate your lovely pillow cover. You are so talented Marie!

  4. amazing stitching.. lovely work