Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Linnie Blooms Stencils - Make me look like an artist!!

I can't tell you how much I just LOVE Linnie Bloom Stencils!! I can dream up my plan and then the stencils are so verstile they make creating super easy!!  This week I needed to make a card for a friend and I had a definite time crunch!!

 I started out with a stash of fabric that I bought a long time ago from the Donna Downey Studios.  I have avoided cutting into it ... but today I just thought it was so pretty and wasting away by itself!

I traced the stencil onto the back of the fabric and then cut out the shapes!  The great thing about the fabric is it frayed along the edges looking a little bit like the edge of feathers!! 

Then I used my Faber-Castell Pitt Pens to edge around the fabric.

I actually had a couple of stamps picked out to use.  But this card is for a friend having a really hard time right now, so I printed out one of my favorite Emily Dickinson quotes and glued it down!!  I tied the ends of the feathers together with a small piece of twine and glued them too! I went around the edge of the card with distress ink and I was done!!! Simple but different - and made with love!

Thank you for stopping by Linnie Blooms today!! I hope I inspired you to create something a little different and with love!


  1. What a beautiful sentiment for your FAB feathers, Karen. This is fantastic...I've got to get some of my fabric scraps out and try this.

  2. Gorgeous feathers! Love the sentiment!

  3. amazing feathers.. beautiful colourings

  4. OK ... the feathers are amazing!