Tuesday, May 5, 2015

“Flower in Pot” Gift Decor and Tag

“Flower in Pot” Gift Decor and Tag
By Gail Green

I LOVE decorating packages and other everyday items in unexpected, simple ways!  Sometimes just a splash of color can brighten up everything or make someone smile. How cute are these canvas shapes when assembled and placed inside a vase  or used to decorate a gift?! 


Linnie Blooms
Canvas Shapes:
Large Flower
Small Flower
Small Heart
Small Pocket
Canvas Tag
Shabby Chic Trim (green)

You will also need:

Clearsnap Colorbox Premium Sprays by Stephanie Barnard (Yellow, Chocolate, Orange, Bubblegum Pink, Guava, Strawberry

Dimensional Fabric Paint of your choice in colors of your choice

Beacon Adhesives Gem-tac Permanent Adhesive 

:  Printed card stock scrap
8-12" wood skewer
Heart button
Small pearls


1. Spray the flowers, heart and tag in color combos of your choice; dry flat by placing a non-stick Teflon mat over wet pieces. 
2. Paint dots on the flowers and heart; dry completely several hours or overnight 
3. On the wrong side of the pocket, apply glue along the side and bottom edges. Attach the pocket to the center of the tag; dry. Paint stitches along the edges, as shown; dry completely (several hours or overnight).
4. Poke a small hole in the center of the large flower. Insert the pointed end of the skewer/stem 1/4" into the large flower from the backside and glue in place.  Attach the small flower over the large flower, centering over the skewer/stem point. (Note: Paint or spray the skewer/stem first, if desired. Dry thoroughly before attaching to the flower)
5. Glue pearls onto the button; dry. Tie three Shabby Chic Trim bows onto the skewer/stem. 

 6. Write or stamp a phrase or sentiment on the note card scrap; slip into pocket.  Insert the skewer/stem into the tag hole. (Note: Glue skewer/stem onto on back of tag if desired. 
7. Place finished project into a vase, gift bag or tie onto a wrapped package. This project can also be used to decorate indoor artificial plants, placed into a weighted base for Bridal Shower place cards or hung on the wall!