Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Open for Spring - Challenge

Luckily for me lately I am able to open the door to my studio and the creativity just pours out of me. Like opening of the bulbs that have lain dormant all winter in the ground, frozen. It has warmed and they are blooming. The flowers are everywhere as a sign of renewal. Spring is here.  I  had taken the winter so heal the wounds of last fall (It was a terrible time)and just be dormant. Reflecting going inside, searching my soul, reviewing my feelings, my actions, my beliefs, me fear. So as the sun started shining warming the ground and my soul with her light my creativity has started blooming. I think that is what it is anyway. I am not so much concerned with what it is as being it.

It started just about the time the blooms around here started showing up.  Like my mind was free and no longer in charge of my art. Like the left and right brains had seperated and were no longer on speaking terms. It just came. I started to wonder, then analyze. I quickly halted! Just be let it flow through speak and use you as a messenger.  So I have and it flows I now keep a crazy book of the thought, ideas, smart stuff my mind arrives at when I am showering, driving or just talking to you on the phone. I have found that once I write it down it is out of my head making room for the next idea or thought, saying. Bouncing like a beach ball at a concert. my creative brain is having a great time, Blooming.

So here is my challenge: Open for Spring.

I only ask one thing of you. What are you open for, to, to become, believe, live?
Hope you enjoy.
Aquarelle and matte medium. adds color and stiffness

Painted the sign so it will dry in time.Cut from cardboard

Blue Aquarelle with matte medium, again

Hot glued the pieces together Pinching as I went.

Stems and pearls

A bit of stamping and doodling and the sign is done.


  1. Love the freshness of your challenge project! your flowers are wonderful and the signage is perfect. I hope you are filled with the joys of spring as you enjoy your renewed spirit! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  2. Very beautiful Kim!! Love those colours!!!

  3. super project.. love the fun bright colours