Thursday, May 29, 2014

Canvas Blooms with Gelatos - makes something old look new!

Hello bloomers!! Jessica here from Scatter Joy with Jessann! I love altering items that are just laying around. With the help of Linnie Blooms Canvas Blooms I was able to turn something old into something new!
I had this old burlap covered hand made journal with handmade paper inside. I used the Linnie Blooms flowers from the canvas blooms set to add color and life! This was my first time using Gelatos and they were fun and easy. They also cleaned up quick!

I also used some of the Linnie Blooms Burlap for more texture and color on the front of my journal.
I love Linnie Blooms! I love the product she has. Go now to check it out at
Have a blessed day!


  1. Fantastic! Love all the dimension. You did such a great job using the gelatos your first time, too!

  2. Very cute! The dimension is great! Love the finished journal!

  3. Great way to dress up the burlap journal. I played with my Gelatos for the first time recently as well on my LB canvas flower pieces...they are addicting aren't they? Great job : )

  4. I'm new to gelatos also and I agree, easy and quick to clean up. Your journal turned out just you just need to fill it with memories!

  5. super technique on flower.. great finished project