Thursday, June 12, 2014

A woman of few words

Hi Kim from A Paper Addict here. Today I am not a woman of many words. I feel as if I am unable to articulate the sayings of my soul verbally. I know that our theme is "Outdoors" in June.

I find the silence deafening in my mind. I know that late in the evening in the outside silence I will often hear the hoot if an owl.

Wise beyond our understanding. Eyes so beautiful, soulful.

So my first post this month is just that. The wise owl mostly silence in the night with the moon beams shining brightly.

Here is where it starts.

I love my water color crayons especially on canvas.

This is the owl. As I see him in the trees. Silent in the moonbeams.

He is and owl cut shape on the canvas ATC cards. I used matte meduim to make him stiff and attached to my card.

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  1. fabulous job.. super colouring.. great project

  2. Watercolor crayons are so much fun! Great job on this cute little guy!

  3. Kim...your words are poetic..loved your intro to the project and the owl is adorable :)