Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Canvas pin

Hello Everyone, Kim here today with another fun and simple project using the canvas butterfly. I made it into a pin. You can wear it on a jacket, scarf, or attach it to a pillow, or even a curtain.

Let me tell you a little bit about how, I made this. First, I took the canvas butterfly and gessoed the front and then the back. This makes it stiff. Once it was dry, I used spray inks, stencil and some glitter glue. The center piece is a collaged mini-domino piece. Attached that to the canvas butterfly with some E6000. Made some antennas out of wire and used E6000 to attach them to the back of the canvas butterfly. Then I took some felt (I only had blue) and used my butterflies stencil/mask and trace a butterfly on the felt.  Cut it out. Since,  I can't sew to I used fabric glue attach the felt to the backside of the canvas butterfly. Leaving open one wing so you can add poly stuffing to it. Once you have it all filled with the poly stuffing then put the fabric glue on open area to close it. Then with E6000 I add a pin closure. Let dry and you have a super duper cute pin.

Hope you have enjoyed my project today! 
Kim H


  1. Your butterfly pin is so pretty and love how it has the vintage look.....I so can see this pin in Betsy Johnson's line it would so go with her vintage line of clothes. You really did a fab. creative job and my goodness so much detail and care was put into your total design and creation. Definitely a high end boutique worthy piece. You are a very, very talented gal.

  2. Great work K. I love how you added the domino. Love how you stencilled; it gives it a nice touch.

  3. Very cute! It'd be darling on a jacket - or as adornment to a purse :)

  4. this is adorable.. too cute pin

  5. This is simply adorable....I love it!!! I too can't sew so thanks for the fabric glue tip : )

  6. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest THING! What a darling butterfly..I'd love to see it attached to a lamp shade, oh...the ideas. Wonderfully done, Kim!