Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's a banner day

Happy Tuesday!  Today I wanted to share with you some personalized banners I've recently enjoyed making with my medium Linnie Blooms pennants.  Each pennant is canvas cloth front and back with recycled book paper sewn in between.  Very strong and durable for any medium you want to use on it.  

These make wonderful gifts!  The two above were for newborn babies!  Color them to match a rooms decor or a child's favorite colors.  The Medium Pennants are sold in a package of 5 for just $4.99 in Linnie Blooms online store.  

Enjoy your Tuesday!  



  1. the banners would be perfect at any fun birthday party... looks awesome

  2. Absolutely wonderful! What a great home decor idea...love these, Linda!

  3. I love these banners. How fun! The ideas on how to use them are swirling crazy mad in my head :)

  4. Oh my heavens, theses banner are adorable! Love it! I so want to make one now!