Monday, June 2, 2014

What's in your Wallet?

I know in mine ...  I have a brand new little Linnie Blooms Sketchbook!  I love to keep a sketchbook in my purse, but sometimes they are so big and bulky, they annoy me! So,  I took a Linnie Blooms Mini File Folder and made a little sketchbook that fits in my wallet!

 I started out by measuring the paper I wanted for inside my sketchbook.  I chose plain paper and some fun scrapbook paper to make it more interesting in the middle!

I used a hole punch and some scissors to make the holes that I need to attach the paper to the middle.

Now, my new obsession ... image transfer!  I took scrapbook paper and copied a collage of it on my copier. 

I actually stamped a couple of stamps first onto the canvas. Then I 'painted' on gel medium onto both the canvas and the paper.  I put the paper, image side down onto the canvas and let it sit for about 20 seconds.  Then I licked my finger (gross, I know) and used it to gently work in circles on the back of the paper.  The back of the paper lifted off and the image stayed behind on the canvas shape.

Then I decorated the inside.  On the left side I put a little paper pocket, in case I need to keep something in there!  I also threaded yellow ribbon from 3 Girl Jam through the holes and paper to bind it all together.


On a couple of the printed pages, I put a light coating of gesso, so that I could add a little color to my sketches!

  I attached my much loved pencil to the ribbon and it is ready to go in my wallet!! Now, I can sketch what inspires me wherever I go! (Or I could make some for gifts .... who doesn't need a little notebook!?)

Thank you so much for stopping by Linnie Blooms today!! I hope you enjoyed my file folder sketchbook!
- Karen C


  1. What a super duper cute sketch book! Love the size!

  2. How fun to pull something this beautiful out of your purse to sketch on…absolutely LOVE this, Karen!

  3. Karen I am blown away!!! What a clever idea and how fun to put your own personal spin on it!!! great Job!! I am truly inspired!! loves-Scrappin Madge

  4. amazing colours to this great journal project.. great job