Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seeing Stars

Ever see stars, like really pretty stars? Stars in the hues of red, white and blue are the most beautiful stars ever.

Well, I'm seeing stars again as I'm pulling out pictures from my son Naval graduation in an effort to get caught up on his journey.

For this LO I used Linnie Blooms canvas stars and Textures to create a mildly nostalgic look. To distress the stars, I very simply used color mist for the red and white star. The blue star was colored with silks mixed with a little water.

I adhered the stars with just a little liquid adhesive, so they would still have the look of movement. If you like the look of a more flat canvas shape, I suggest adhering it to card stock for added weight. Now I usually prefer the fringed edges and rustic look of canvas. But for those that create with more clean cut lines, please do not think creating with canvas shapes is not for you. Another tip for clean edges of your canvas shapes, use a liquid adhesive like Mod Podge, Elmers, or any clear drying white glue to both sides of your canvas. This will guarantee clean edges every time. The LB Textures was cut into strips and added to various corners, and I also added a medium in stucco for more texture. A bit of stucco medium was also added to the stars also, you can never have too much texture. Please stay tuned, I will be back shortly with more to share. Kisha


  1. Wow!!! I love this! And as the mother of a sailor, I find is heartwarming, as well.

  2. This is gorgeous. I'm a military wife/mom and I just love your LO! Such a wonderful keepsake!