Saturday, December 14, 2013

Star Garland

Star Garland ~ a Linnie Blooms Creation

*  Twinkle * Twinkle * little star…

I'm a Linnie Blooms Design Team Member!
It’s time for another Linnie Bloom design using their wonderful canvas shapes. I wanted to create a garland to hang on one of my wreaths. Be sure to click on the small photos to see all the details of each step.
close up
Linnie Blooms Stars
I started with the Primitive Stars that are available here on the Linnie Blooms Shop & Create website. You get 4 pieces, 2 large stars and 2 small stars. I used 3 large stars and 2 small stars for this project.
I gathered my supplies:
Linnie Blooms canvas stars (2 sets), my Gelatos Color Sticks in gold, yellow and metalic gold, Tacky Glue, Amaco Art Emboss Colored Foil in Bright Gold, 18″ of Christmas star wire garland (mine is from Hobby Lobby), mini star sequins, gold glitter glue, scissors, stylist, hog hair brush, craft foam sheet (for embossing) & paper or teflon craft sheet to protect my table.
coloring stars with Gelatos
color progression
I started off by coloring in the stars with the warm gold Gelato color stick, then layer on a good coat of the yellow and finally a few rubbings of the metalic gold around the edges. With my damp hog hair brush, I worked the paint into the canvas shapes until I was pleased. Not too much of the metalic gold as it made it muddy.
blend with wet hog brush
leave top of star unglued
Again the canvas shapes curled up, but this time I wasn’t worried about it. I let them dry and then glued them onto the gold craft foil, leaving enough space between each start to add a generous boarder around each. I forgot to get a photo but you can see what I did in the next photos.
glue stars to foil for backing
close up
I applied glue to all but the top star points and placed them on the back side of the foil to create a stiffer backing. After smoothing them out, I let them dry for a bit and then cut them out. Be careful when handling the foil as it can be sharp. I actually got a small sliver of foil under my skin. Ouch!
close up
fold foil back
I arranged the stars along the star wire garland and open up the back side of each top star point. This is why I left it unglued ~ clever! ; )
Glue and rub the foil around the wire, pressing out excess glue and wipe clean.
embossed detail
I then place my garland onto a craft foam sheet and used my stylist to emboss some simple straight lines around the foil boarder to add some interest.
I added a few tiny star sequins to the center of each star with the tiniest bit of glue. And some final bling with the gold glitter glue around the edges of the canvas star shape.
It dryed over night and after making some simple hanging loops at each end of the wire, it was ready to hang.
on my wreath
It goes very nicely with my holiday decor colors of gold and multi colored lights.
close up
Fun and funky!
A bit of primitive mixed in with the traditional adds just my kind of style.
* twinkle * twinkle *

*Twinkle * Twinkle*

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!
Linda Kay
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  1. I love the mix of primitive and traditional too!! When I was looking at your garland, I kept thinking how much I love the shiny metal next to the canvas! Excellent work and a great tutorial too!