Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food Journal

One of my favorite gifts in homemade blank journals or mini albums. I made this one having a friend in mind that are a constant source of inspiration when it comes to cooking. I love how she displays her food, how she prepares it and the way it tastes. I do have a sort of hope that she will fill this journal and give it back to me...

The journal is easy made by using a pack of canvas file folders. I punshed two wholes in along one side to fit the rings and then I just added a small amount of decorations. The journaling card from SODAlicious fits perfect as center piece. Behind it you can see a bit of spray mists and a stamped coffee ring (stamp from Cocoa Daisy). 

This is how a couple of the pages looks like. I have diverted the journal into 3 parts - recepies, thoughts and a section called what ever (for pictures maybe?).

Since I want the receiver to write in this journal I left the pages blank.

Have a nice day in the kitchen!



  1. What a wonderful gift for your foodie friend Marie! I love how you divided your journal into three sections leaving photo space. The stamped images are great too. You will have to share more photos when she completes this lovely gift.

  2. Oh Marie...this is awesome!....a perfectly wonderful gifty filled with love!