Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Showers bring out Rainboots and Flowers!!

 Hi Linnie Bloom Fans!!  Aren't you SO glad that spring is FINALLY sprouting?? I adore flowers and I even love spring rain showers!! 

On Pinterest, I keep seeing these adorable pics of rainboots with flowers inside.  I kept trying to draw a boot ... but they just never looked right. That is when I KNEW the Linnie Blooms boot was going to work ... So I drew the design onto the canvas with a pencil and then cut the the little sides off ...

I painted the boot a bright pink and black.  Then I stenciled on a couple of bright white hearts and voila, CUTE BOOT!! 

I laid out the paper I wanted to make my flowers out of ... but I didn't like any of my green paper.  So I ripped a page out of my sketchbook.  Stamped some black dots and painted on green paint mixed with glazing to make it more translucent.  

I kept going back and forth about the background.  I love using wood boards for my projects, but for the first time, I just wanted to keep it plain (Crazy, I know!!)  Instead of paper and paint, I covered the board in clear gesso and sanded the edges... and I loved it!

I cut out my green shapes and used gel medium to glue them down.

I glued the boot down with Quick Dry Helmar 450.

Then I cut out the flowers and glued them down too.   I made sure not to glue everything down flat so that the stems and flowers literally jump off the board!! 

Thanks for stopping by Linnie Blooms today!! I hope you enjoyed my project and it inspired you to create something!!!  - Karen

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  1. SUPERDUPER cute!!...great tute too!...loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the dimension!