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Asia Journal ~ A Linnie Blooms Mini Journal

Asia Journal ~ A Linnie Blooms Mini Journal

I have been designing for Linnie Blooms for quite a while now. A very good experience and a great chance to get my hands on their product line. When I put my hands around one of their Mini Journals, a small 5" X 7" collection of canvas pages and a wonderful Flourish Pocket tucked inside, I fell in love!

Linnie Blooms Mini Journal
It has 4 pages of stitched surfaces sandwiched with papers recycled from old book and a wonderful pocket opportunity to insert little bits of unexpected joy inside. I just knew I had to create something special with it and something dear to my heart. It called for lots of details and a place for fond memories.

Since I lived in Southeast Asia quite a while, what better subject than memories and ephemera from my trips and life there? My own little memory scrap book to hold some favorite treasures.

Asia Journal by Linda Kinnaman, front cover
I was interested in trying out some Transfer Artist Paper, which I had heard does a great job of transferring images to fabric. I wanted to give it a try on canvas and see what I could do with it. I found an image from one of my Dover Publicationsbooks that I thought would set the color and theme well. I had a bit of trouble getting the image to adhere well, but think it came out a bit vintage looking, which after a while grew on me. It makes it look old and well worn, like a favorite book which has been tucked in my backpack while on my journeys.

A special note: Thank you to Leslie Riley, who took time to consult with me over the effects I was trying to achieve and learning to love what became.

I added some simple Linnie Blooms shapes for the title and some rub-ons and old stamps for accents. A few jade beads and some brass charms added a bit of bling to the front cover.

Buddha pages

While in Asia, visits to Buddhist temples are a must for learning about the culture and customs of the people. I have been to many and find each one beautiful, colorful and wonderful places to see. I have met some very interesting people while visiting temples, and have gained a respect and embracing of their principles. I wanted to honor my visits with a couple of images from travel brochures that I had collected.

Ladies in waiting pages
The beauty of Asian women is well known! I wanted to capture a vintage collection of Chinese and Japanese costumes and accessories. Their attention to detail, grace and elegance are impressive to me. Pink and green combined together spoke of this for me and I saw a lot of it while traveling. Strong yet feminine colors of spring time. Beauty and charm.

Most women now embrace the Western style of clothing, so spotting a women in traditional dress was a delightful surprise. Often they would pose for a quick photo if you politely asked, often with a blush and a small giggle covered with a delicate hand. It is nice to see these traditions still upheld and celebrated during special times or events.
Ladies in waiting pages
postcard insert for pocket

Tucked inside that Flourish Pocket I found an old post card of a Reclining Buddha in Thailand. I embellished it with more old stamps and an old print of a garden scene and some flourish rubber stamping.

Flower pages
Asia is also known for their lovely flowers. So many of the flowers we use today in our own gardens are from all over Asia. I myself, have peonies similar to the one pictured here. These two pages are more Transfer Artist Pages that I colored and painted in with myGelato color sticks.  I also added some old stamps again and a book mark that I picked up in a Hong Kong shop.

Memories of China, back cover
Finally, the back cover depicts a few placed in Hong Kong that I have visited. I love all the details they put into their architecture. Tons of carved and painted details all over the place! Huge statues, large structures for placing incense to burn, old paintings and tapestries. Wonderful flare for color and ceremony.

I am pleased with the results of my Linnie Blooms Mini Journal. I was able to use techniques that have proven reliable for me. Layers of paper and gel medium, painted trim and details, ink and stencils, gelato color sticks and lots of stickers and assorted souvenirs.

Now that I have really tried them out, I am anxious to do more. I can see all sorts of possibilities for these little keep sakes. Cherished memories, a collection of techniques, pages commemorating special times and people in our lives.  Perhaps a technique class is in order to share what I have learned here...
I hope you have enjoyed my designs for Linnie Blooms. I am taking a break from the design team to work on art work for summer art fairs that I have signed up for. If you like what I have been doing, would like to learn more and try some for yourself, let me know and I can help you. My home studio class room is ready and waiting for YOU!
Best wishes!
Linda Kay
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  1. Best wishes as you prepare for what sounds like a busy, adventurous summer, Linda! I love your work and this journal just has me awestruck. It has been a pleasure following your designs and being inspired by your endless creativity! Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of art!!

    1. Thank you so much Donna! I really wanted to push the techniques as far as I could on this one. Really try it out to see what Could Be. A few things like patience while drying, taking care while applying papers and letting it be what it wants to be were learned, but a sucess in the end. Don't be afraid to try things out. If you can dream it, you can make it with Linnie Blooms products!

  2. amazing colour, great texture.. stunning and beautiful work

  3. Wow! Great job! This is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you @juscrap! I have ordered 2 more journals today to keep working on these and see what I can do with them. So nice to work on!