Friday, October 18, 2013

Owl Love Tutorial by Cheryl Dossey

Hello Everyone,
It’s my turn again to show you what I’ve created using Linnie Bloom canvas shapes. I
was so excited when the new shapes came in the mail, especially when I saw the owl.
I love owls and have a small collection of them in my home both new and vintage. I’m
also looking forward to creating with the other fall and holiday shapes.
I knew right away that I wanted to make the owl shape into a small work of art. So, I
started with a small 5” x 5” square plaque found at most local craft and hobby stores
(under $2).
Step 1: Paint the sides of the plaque using brown acrylic craft paint.

Step 2: Choose a blue piece of scrapbook paper for the background. I painted and
stamped it first for added interest then glued it down using Mod Podge.

Step 3: Cut out the shape of the tree limb with some kind of brown paper and
attach. I used one with vintage tape measures for this project. Hand
Paint the leaves using green acrylic craft paint.

Step 4: Paint the owl and circle shape with watercolor crayons. Sew a zig zag
stitch on the circle shape used for his belly on a sewing machine. This
could easily be done by hand too, since it’s so small.
Step 5: Add tiny metal decorative washers and small buttons for the eyes. I glued
the metal; the buttons were sewn on by hand.
Step 6: Glue the owl on top of tree. Add hanger to the back and it’s ready to

This would be a fun and easy project or gift for anyone who loves owls.
Happy Creating,

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