Friday, October 4, 2013

a bit of mixed media for stampers

Hi! It's me again, Baerbel from Germany.

Mixed media is a trend in arts and grafics which has found lots and lots new fans during the last decade. Because all kind of crafts and hobbies are mixed together these days, stamping is involved in some of the mixed media ideas we can see all over the internet.

In my daily work with other stampers, I often meet those who are scared to colour in their images. These crafters will never try the mixed media, because a lot of free painting in involved. But even stampers can make unique pieces of art, and today I want to show you how.

For todays samples I used some of the canvas blank, Linda Barutha has kindly sent me all over to Germany!

My first step was to prepare your canvas, I have put a generous amount of gold acrylics (Marabu) all over the blanks for a festive effect. Let dry.

Then stamp you desired image with crafters in (Tsukineko). My prints have been very pale, but I do not need any crisp images for this technique. Let dry the print.

Fill in the image with the paints of you choice. The idea of this technique is, not to draw really exact. You can play with your paint, mix it as you go and try various painting technique. As my acrylics left a hint of where the stamped image was, I painted the black lines after the first layer of paint was dry.
Because you work with acrylics, you always can go back and paint another layer, if the first artwork doesn't please you.

Add highlights with some white. Mix the white paint with the colours you have used to fill the image, for a more subtle effect.Let your imagination go wild, and add some additional prints after the whole thing is dry. The last prints haven't to be exact either, because the beauty of mixed media is its imperfection! I hope you have fun!

And another wall hanger is ready for Christmas, I used the same technique....

materials used:
canvas blanks: Linda Barutha
stamp "Halloweenk├╝rbis" , Stempelschmiede
stamp "Kringeltanne", fairysale
acrylics: Marabu
stamp pad: Tsukineko

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