Thursday, October 3, 2013

A colorful season

It is October! I seem to have a minor "freak out" with each month that passes. How can another month go by so quickly! October is a month to cherish though. It is nature at its best and brightest. So, why not replicate it? I'm playing with Linnie Blooms canvas shapes again, and this tree is a new one in the store. I was at the "real" Linnie Blooms store last weekend and got a chance to experiment a bit. Both Linda and I loved the look of stamping chevrons on the canvas shapes, so I decided to ink chevrons to the trunk while loading up the tree with colorful buttons.

Have you been keeping up with all of the new shapes that Linda has added to the Linnie Blooms online store? Owls, leaves, and trees are perfect for your fall projects while the circles, stars, and hearts are perfect for anytime! What is your WIP (work in progress)?


My WIP is trying to find some time to enjoy the natural colorful wonders right outside my window.
What a wonderful world indeed!


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